I grew up in Zeehan, on the west coast of Tasmania, where I cruised along the empty streets on a plastic skateboard my father stole from the local rubbish tip.

Fast forward a few years. I upgraded my wheels to a Nissan Bluebird and moved to Hobart to study photography. When I wasn't staving off hunger with 69 cent packets of Mi Goreng, I was photographing sport, crooks and state politics for the local rag.

After graduating with a Fine Arts Degree, I shifted to the big smoke, Melbourne.

I never did stray too far from that blue plastic skateboard. In the past year I've been to more overseas cities than I can count on two hands shooting skateboarders.

I've also won a few awards along the way, including The Projections, the national emerging photographic talent awards. My work has also hung on a few exhibition walls.